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My book, "IN SEARCH OF THE SUBLIME," will give you a deep understanding of humanity's unyielding quest for scientific truth, moral virtue, and enlightenment. It will also acquaint you on a personal level with the great ancestors of the past, so their wisdom can guide you through your life.

The digital version of the book is now available COMPLETELY FOR FREE. Bookmark this website and START READING RIGHT NOW!

You might ask, why do I offer all my work for free? Not a common decision for a writer! At heart, I've always been somewhat of a (legal) digital pirate, believing information should be free and easily available. Moreover, I trust that after reading a few chapters (or even a few pages) you will be so captivated that you'll want a PHYSICAL COPY OF THE BOOK.

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Stephan P. Dinkgreve
MSc. Theoretical Physics

Unlike traditional books, I continuously update the material with fresh insights and feedback from readers. You can help me here! If you spot any errors, be they historical or grammatical, feel free to reach out to me via Instagram. My goal is truth and I'm happy to change my mind in case I've made a mistake.

A brief note regarding the use of materials on this website. You are welcome to cite passages from the book, but please ensure you attribute them correctly with "S.P. Dinkgreve; In Search of the Sublime." Most images are in the public domain and can be used provided you include the license information found directly beneath each image. Please note that images marked with the © symbol are not freely available for commercial purposes. Kindly refrain from using these without permissions from the specified institutions.