Reclaim the foundational  

  thoughts and deeds  

  of the great ancestors  

  of humanity  

The Life of the Buddha
The Viking Age
Mesopotamian Astronomers
The Dutch Golden Age
The Wrath of Achilles
The Secrets of Alchemy
The Renaissance Man
Indian Forest Philosophy
The Arabian Nights
The Islamic Golden Age
Lessons of the Great Zen Masters
The Abolition of Slavery
The Early Mathematicians
The Early Greek Civilizations
Chinese Alchemy
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The Great World History Book

Reclaim the thoughts and deeds of the great ancestors of humanity!


In a time when our schooling system sadly teaches little beyond basic facts, I took it upon myself to read hundreds of books in order to compile an overview of this knowledge.


I’ve delved deep into the great archetypical characters of the past, including: Stone Age Shamans · Mesopotamian astronomers · Indian yogi’s · Japanese Zen masters · Greek philosophers · Roman statesmen · Medieval alchemists · Vikings · Italian humanists · European explorers · scientists and more.


I’ve combined their insights into ONE SINGLE BOOK, called “The Great World History Book” and on this page, I will share with you some of its secrets.​



If you have any questions about this page or about the book, feel free to send me a direct message on instragram

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