Hey guys,


I'm so happy you found my page, cause I need to tell you something of vital importance. I got some information that you cannot afford to miss out on, for it has the potential to awaken you from your slumber and allows you to discover your true purpose here on Earth. For we are going to the study the thoughts and deeds of the greatest men and women from world history.


We live in a time when our schooling system does little beyond teaching basic facts. I therefore took it upon myself to devour hundreds of books to make this information available to you.

We will dive deep into the great archetypical characters of the past, including: Stone Age shamans · Mesopotamian city builders and astronomers · Indian yogi’s · Japanese Zen masters · Greek philosophers and mathematicians· Roman statesmen · Arabic engineers · Medieval knights and alchemists · Norse Vikings · Italian humanists · Renaissance artists, European explorers and scientists, and much more.


I’ve combined their insights into ONE SINGLE BOOK, called “The Great World History Book.”