Finally my favorite quote from Hinduism! The upanishads teach that the source of the universe (brahman) is equal to the source of ourselves (atman). This point was beautifully made by the sage Uddalaka teaching his son Svetaketu. We read:

‘AUM! There was Svetaketu Aruneya, and his father said to him, ‘Svetaketu, go live as a seeker of Brahman! Verily, dear boy, in our family there is no one without learning.’ Having become a pupil at 12 and having studied all the Vedas, he returned at twentyfour, proud, conceited, thinking himself well-schooled.

Then his father said to him: ‘Svetaketu, since you are proud and conceited, dear boy, and consider yourself learned, did you ask for that instruction by which that which is not heard, becomes heard, not thought, becomes thought, and not known becomes known?’ ‘But in what manner, sir, is this teaching?’ ‘Just as from a single lump of clay, dear boy, one would know about everything made from clay, the difference being a mere verbal distinction, a name, the reality is only clay.’

‘Indeed, those worthy men did not know this, for if they had known it why did they not tell me? Sir, please tell it to me.’ ‘Certainly, dear boy,’ he replied. ‘So be it,’ said the father and he said, ‘Bring me a fruit of the nyagrodha tree.’ ‘Here it is, sir.’ ‘Break it.’ ‘It is broken, sir.’ ‘What do you see there?’ ‘Some seeds, sir, exceedingly small.’ ‘Break one of these.’ ‘It is broken, sir.’ ‘What do you see there?’ ‘Nothing at all.’ The father said, ‘My son, that subtle essence which you do not perceive there - in that very essence stands the being of the huge nyagrodha tree. In that which is the subtle essence, all that exists has its self. That is the True, that is the Self, and thou

Svetaketu art That.'

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