Such great Viking names! So Harald Bluetooth (after which the modern bluetooth is named) was king of Norway and Denmark. He had a son named Sweyn Forkbeard, who in 1013 took over England, forming the North Sea Empire. His victory, however, was shortlived. In 1016, his son had to redo the attack and also took over England, which he kept till 1035. His successors finally lost in 1042, when the Saxons took over England. The Saxons finally lost control once more in 1066, when the Vikings of Normandy (France) took power, making French the official court language. In 1154 all the way up to 1485, the house of Anjou (another province in France) took power.

The image shows Sweyn Forkbeard on horse invading England.

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"The Great World History Book"