The early Greeks never truly felt in charge of their own destiny, since they believed that the gods were pulling the strings behind the scenes. In fact, all the important events in the Iliad are described from the point of view of the struggling humans on Earth, but then the audience also gets a peak into how the gods made these events happen.

When a warrior survived a stabbing, we later read that a god had made the weapon avoid his vital organs. When a warrior gained advantage in a fight, we later read that a god chose his side and infused him with strength.

The gods in the Iliad even tell us up front what the final fate (moira) of the main characters is going to be. Knowing how each person will finally fall added to the tragedy of the story.

Moira literally means ‘portion’, referring to the ‘amount of life’ given to each individual. Each Greek was believed to have a fixed time of death at which time the person was said to have ‘met his fate.'

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