The epic of Gilgamesh starts as a boyish adventure story and halfway turns to deeper psychological questions. In this post we will deal with the first part.

King Gilgamesh was part man and part god and as a consequence, no one on Earth could match up to his strength. As a result he became restless. When he began to sleep with the wives of the city, the citizens prayed for the gods to make him an equal.

This equal was Enkidu, a man who grew up in the wild between the animals. When the two finally met, they immediately started to wrestle. Realizing they had met their match, they became best friends.

Being restless in the city, the two friends set out on various adventures. On the first adventure, they fought Chumbaba, the guardian monster of the cedar forest. .

The adventure depicted above, the two friends fight the Bull of Heaven, send by the jealous goddess Innanna.

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"The Great World History Book"