After killing a number of divine monsters, the heroes Gilgamesh and Enkidu celebrated their victory. But what seemed like a boyish tale of adventures suddenly turned into something darker. By killing these divine guardians, the two heroes had angered the gods. Looking for revenge, they cursed Enkidu, making him sicker and sicker, until eventually he died.

Since I was a kid, this scene has always shocked me, which finally inspired me a few years back to draw this scene. I hope you guys like the result.

The original texts reads:

‘What is this sleep which holds you now? You are lost in the dark and cannot hear me.’ [...] He touched his heart but it did not beat, nor did he lift his eyes again. [...] He began to rage like a lion, like a lioness robbed of her whelps. He paced round the bed and he tore out his hair. He dragged of his splendid robes and flung them down as though they were abominations.’

Gilgamesh couldn't handle his death and went mad, roaming the earth in search for answers.

Wonder what happens next? The next post will be published in two days!


"The Great World History Book"



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